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The main Kiev park – Botanical garden in Pechersk

In all ages there were enthusiasts, which forces incorporated the most daring ideas and projects. One of such a person was Vladimir Ippolitovich Lipski More …

Romantic ideas for a meeting dawn in Kiev

For sure every young man trying to win some girls heart or just to make a pleasant surprise was asking himself: how to settle a romantic unforgettable date? One wants to move away from the banal script and surprise the girl with his creativity and care. Perhaps all the charm and reverent attitude may be expressed an extraordinary way, for instance to invite girl to meet sunrise together.

More …

Ten Kiev’s fountains: Retro and modern

For centuries fountains where to decorate European capitals and were placed in their down town’s squares, gardens and parks.

The First Kiev’s fountain was put into use in 1870 and was situated at the territory of King’s Square (European Square now).

More …

10 romantic places for loving couples in Kiev

In our country a tradition to celebrate a Valentine’s Day became a common thing pretty long time ago. On the eve of Valentine’s we offer you an overview of the romantic places which became popular among loving couples living in Kiev. To visit those places with a person who you love not only once in the year, but every time when you are overwhelmed by the romantic feelings.

More …

Kiev restaurants with an aerial view, and not only…

Very soon a spring-summer season starts which with it’s warmth gives us a lot of opportunities to spend a free time in open air, so we propose you a view of Kiev restaurants on a roof or terrace, where you would be able to relax and enjoy not only delicious dishes with your best friends or business partners, but also to admire the views from the heights.

More …

Park for weddings

Park for weddingIn spring and summer in Kiev, as in most Ukrainian cities, began to appear free zones for rest. This is a picnic area with barbecue, tables, a playground for walking four leg friends, courts to play tennis etc.

But this holiday season, a rarity in Kiev, has become The Newlyweds Park. More …

A Walk along the horse rails

Retro-tramKiev is a unique city. Its uniqueness is impersonated in everything: the beautiful buildings of ancient times and modern times, it is rightly called the greenest citiy in Europe, it is also reputed to be the city’s most beautiful women and hospitable people. But there is another uniqueness that has long been commonplace in the turmoil of days – it is transport.  More …

On one patch a tree with fruits-chairs and lamps in Love

Lamps in loveSince long time, human nature has been worshiping things confusing for him – the ancient people worshiped water, fire, wind, earth. Esoteric scientists tell us that a tree is a symbol of harmony in the manifestation of oneself as a person. It absorbed the energy of heaven, earth and water elements. Wood is the antithesis of rock and differs from it in the same things as a living being growing from an estate matter, which is capable of giving holiday to a traveler, the fruits to the hungry people, clothing to the naked and forces to the tired.  More …

Kiev from the bird’s-eye view

the balloonHave you dreamed as a child to soar above the earth? Run up well, push off and fly … like a bird, a bird in the air, catch the wind, go into it and enjoy the flight, watching as you glide under the forests, fields and rivers? More …

Golosiivskiy park named after Rylsky

GoloseevoGreen historic district in Kiev in winter turns into the center of sledding and skiing. At a time when there is a lot of snow there is an opportunity to go down on a sledge with multiple slides, but if you do not have sleds, they can be hired on the spot, while pay 20 hryvnias for 1 hour of use. More …