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“Piano in the bushes”

We are talking about newly opened, but already attracted by tourists of the sculpture- monument to a great Polish composer Frederic Chopin (in honor of the 200th anniversary if his birth) representing a white piano finished in tiles.

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Classic granny settled down in the Shevchenko’s park

The author of this composition is a member of the National Union of Arts – Ann Kiselyova. In sculpture embodied the image of an old woman of the 80th of the XX century, sitting beside house and gossiping about neighbors. In her hands she holds a bag and a packet of sunflower seeds.

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Rating of the most ridiculous monuments of the Capital

In this article we suggest you familiarize yourself with a rating of the most ridiculous monuments of our capital: both in their architectural embodiment and on their territorial arrangement, as for instance monument to single mother in front of Registry office, but first things first.

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“Golden gates” is recognized as one of the most beautiful metro-stations in the World

Most recently at the site of a private company BootsnAll, that deals with provision of services in the tourism sector, was made a list of those subway stations which according to the opinion of it contributors may pleasantly surprise tourists with its design. In completing the list were estimated all metro stations of the largest cities of the world.

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Drinks you have to try in Kiev

To refresh, or to warmth you in the cold weather or just to waken your appetite – all of those are the remarkable properties of beverages. A pretty big assortment of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot, diary drinks that quench the thirst of those who thirsty is presented in Kiev.

In this article we’ll talk about where and what beverages worth to try in Kiev.

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Cafe and restaurants in the Soviet-style – an echo of the past with a modern twist

As sociological investigation shows, after the USSR collapse nearly one third of the population are nostalgic after the old days which seems bright and carefree now.
Now its became a popular thing to recreate an atmosphere of the former Soviet Union in the restaurant business field : not only as interior but dishes with appropriate names such as: “Builder of Communism”, “Equites- Budennitsa”, “Peace” etc. More …

Romantic ideas for a meeting dawn in Kiev

For sure every young man trying to win some girls heart or just to make a pleasant surprise was asking himself: how to settle a romantic unforgettable date? One wants to move away from the banal script and surprise the girl with his creativity and care. Perhaps all the charm and reverent attitude may be expressed an extraordinary way, for instance to invite girl to meet sunrise together.

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Kiev restaurants with an aerial view, and not only…

Very soon a spring-summer season starts which with it’s warmth gives us a lot of opportunities to spend a free time in open air, so we propose you a view of Kiev restaurants on a roof or terrace, where you would be able to relax and enjoy not only delicious dishes with your best friends or business partners, but also to admire the views from the heights.

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Karaim kenasa – is well known building built in Mauritian Arabic style. It was built about a century ago. The owners of it were Karaims of Kiev, Judaic religious community. Their distinctive feature is that the main religious book for them is not the Talmud but is the Old Testament. In 1896 this community in Kiev consisted of 800 people.

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Kiev beaches

The beach season has been officially opened on 15th of May. With onset of the hot days it is always pleasant to spend time beside the water, and though the Kiev is not considered as resort city and it is not located on the see shore, there are many ponds and the river in our capital where you can swim on the hot summer day.

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