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Where to swim in winter

With winter coming we have very often to change our active life to more calm and plodding, when it very cold outside and we try to get home soon as we can, where cozy and warm. There are more and more people that prefer an active rest (even in winter colds) today.

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Jazz restaurant “Diksiland”

Restaurant at Jazz style.

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Restaurant “Tokyo”

Classic Japanese premium class restaurant.

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Rating of the most ridiculous monuments of the Capital

In this article we suggest you familiarize yourself with a rating of the most ridiculous monuments of our capital: both in their architectural embodiment and on their territorial arrangement, as for instance monument to single mother in front of Registry office, but first things first.

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Ukrainian Ethnics outdoor: Mamayeva Sloboda

The time inevitably runs forward. And as sooner we aspire to the future, as more we want to deal with the past and to understand ourselves as an ethnic group and as the representatives of a unique nation, which have tried a lot to gain and conquer. More …

Extreme holidays in Kiev

Year by year more and more people living in Kiev prefer extreme types of recreation. Looking for the new sensations and adrenalin citizens of Kiev are ready to incredible adventures. Today for those who loves an extreme there is a huge choice of entertainments, that makes to check their own bravery and boldness. More …

Cafe and restaurants in the Soviet-style – an echo of the past with a modern twist

As sociological investigation shows, after the USSR collapse nearly one third of the population are nostalgic after the old days which seems bright and carefree now.
Now its became a popular thing to recreate an atmosphere of the former Soviet Union in the restaurant business field : not only as interior but dishes with appropriate names such as: “Builder of Communism”, “Equites- Budennitsa”, “Peace” etc. More …

Coffee-Bus uncommon cafe

If you want to have a good cup of delicious coffee and to spend time in the nice atmosphere, you surely need to stop by “Coffee-bus”. Do you want to know difference of this place from others? “Coffee-bus” it is a vintage bus “LAZ” of 1963, which has been opened in march 2011.

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A View of a modern city From “Alexander’s Slobodka”

Where is the city best seen? Indigenous people immediately name five places, because they were not once just admiring the sunset or were there just at night. But, what can answer a tourist? Right! Watch the city one can on the viewing platform.

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The Telecenter

It is called “Pencil” among people. It is not yet completed, but has been acting already for more than 10 years. It has 24 floors, the total area is 87,500 square meters. It is located in Melnikova Street, 42.

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