You can’t, but agree that our lives are fulfilled with different small pleasant things that made us smile, bring a faint note of positiveness and good mood. Though, they usually are not very noticeable and appreciable, we feel an ineffable void without them as everything becomes much sadder and incomplete. There is no doubt that the flowers are definitely among such things!

The science that studies the flowers and everything associated with them is called the floristics, and specialists in this field – florists. Since 2000 this profession has been put on the list of the State Register of Ukrainian professions.

If we try to find out the literal meaning of the word “floristics”, we’ll get to know that it is the section of Botany that studies flora – all species of plants.
Today the word is used in a little bit different sense. The art of decoration of various objects with flowers is called floristics.

The specialists point out that there is a great demand for all kind of floral compositions nowadays. And it is not a surprise, because all of us like to decorate with flowers various celebrations, especially weddings, as well as to have the beautiful blossoms in our dwellings. With a help of flowers we also express our sad feelings and pay tribute to departed one at the funerals.

The specialists claim that in order to become a real florist, one should be able to see the beauty of the nature and to learn how to transfer it into the compositions.
It is also worth saying that the floristics is only at the stage of development in Ukraine, that’s why a lot of young talented and energetic people are involved in this sphere.

The 2000 year is considered to be the birthday date of Ukrainian floristics as it has been put on the list of the State Register of Ukrainian professions.
Today there is a widely developed network of educational institutions that help (for a fairly reasonable fee) to master this exciting and promising profession.

Almost everyone can try his/her hand at this occupation. But you should not forget that floristics is first of all an art and the creation of art demands an appropriate talent.

So, if you are sure that you have the talent of florist, or a great desire, we prepared for you a list of several schools where you can learn at least some elements of this divine art.


The Academy of Beauty and Knowlege
The address: Kyiv, Peremogy Avenue, 63
Tel: 044 456 1102
The European school of floristics functions at the base of the Academy. The term of study – 6 month. During this time you will learn a landscape and phytodesign and of course floristics.

The Ukrainian School of Floristics and Phytodesign
(on behalf of National Eco-naturalistic Youth Centre of Ukraine)

The address: Kyiv, Vyshgorodska st, 19
Теl: 044 430 0064
This establishment is teenagers-oriented. Here your child will learn to express himself/herself with a help of creative compositions, also to contemplate attentively the nature and to chose wisely the components for “masterpieces”.

The National Academy of Floristics
The address: Tymyryazivska st, 1, 6 building (National Botanic Garden named after Gryshko)
Теl: 044 466 8895, 067 795 5664
This is one of the first floristics teaching establishments in Ukraine.
Here the people who want to become the professional florists study. The foreign specialists are often invited here to give master-classes and trainings.