There are several thousands types of cocktails in the world. Strong, light, exotic, “short” and “long” – all of them you will not be able to try.

We want to offer you, as we think, the best three cocktails that were popular during past 10 years. Of course, the main ingredient for them is a beer.

Cocktail “Submarine”


1.light beer-0,5 liter

Into mug you have to pour 0,5 liter of beer, very slowly, then to lower a shot of vodka into it. You just have to drink in one gulp. You won’t feel the taste of vodka at all, but will fill an effect after two portions of such a cocktail.

Cocktail “ Air and the earth”


1.2\3 light beer

2.1\3 vodka

Here everything is simple, just pour ingredients into regular glass and stir.

Cocktail “Jagged Tower”


1.1\3 light beer

2.1\3 vodka

3.1\3 hempy broth

The cocktail’s name says for itself. The effect of it is unpredictable. It’s not recommended to girls and not tempered.