This year in Kiev, two avenues – the first “The Newlyweds Alley” in Navodnitskiy Park, the second – “The Brand Alley” on Obolonska embankment will be opened.

The News agency has earlier reported about the opening in Kiev on the bank of the Dnieper river “The Newlyweds Alley”, where every couple of just married can perpetuate their alliance in the stone, which will be sealed with the names of both spouses. It somehow reminds the famous Hollywood Walk of Stars. This picturesque alley is located within the Territory of Navodnitskiy Park near the monument to the founders of Kiev. The newlyweds are willing to pay for pleasure nearly 500 hryvnas.

As reported by «CultKiev», in October, the opening of the Brand Alley will take place. According to Elena Oganesova, the Press Secretary of “Kievzelenstroi “, Obolonska embankment, can accommodate from 30 to 50 granite panels with embossed brand names. One place for the brand will cost from 1000 to 1500 UAH.

The word “brand” has relatively recently appeared in our everyday life. It is used more often, but its content is somewhat blurry and vague. It has an English origin and means “burn” or “fire”. This was the name for brand or mark used to mark cattle.

Brand in the modern sense is a marketing term for a set of concise information about a product that allows to distinguish it from its competitors and to shape its public image. It would not be entirely correct to assume that the brand and trademark mean the same thing. Previously the brands were considered to be well-known trademarks.

The easiest way would be to say that the word “brand” should be understood as some deep-seated image that arises spontaneously in the imagination of a person associating with a particular product or company. Of course, any producer would like to turn his own trademark into a brand.

The difference among brands is only in consumer heads and trademark is a formal legal concept. In fact brand simplifies understanding of the characteristics of goods and, as a lifeline, facilitates the selection of similar products abundance.

For brands that exist in Kiev, “Kievzelenstroy” offers painting engraving with gold paint, making holograms or, on request, landing near the stove evergreen trees. The new alley will be more than just a new landscape to adorn Kiev. Here in the open air a variety of presentations and fashion shows will take place.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Obolonska Embankment

Getting there:
1. From underground “Heroev Dnepra”: minibus stop “Tax Authority” (“Nalogovaya Ispectsia”) or to the last stop;
2. From underground “Minskaya”: any minibus to the bus stop “Holy – Pokrovsky Temple”

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