There is an district in Kiev on the left bank with an unusual fabulous name – Raiduzhnyi (Rainbow). Why “Rainbow”? Maybe because the sky is often cut by a rainbow, or it may be due to the fact that there were different colored houses? Most likely, the District’s title is derived from the lake’s name – Radunka.

Radunka Lake is located on the left bank of Kiev, in Raiduzhnyi Housing district. It has two names – Raduga and Raduzhnoe. The lake itself is not so small, its length is 3 km, the widest place in diameter is 500 meters and the total surface of the lake is about two square kilometers.

The area around the lake is decorated, in the summer it becomes a place of rest and “rescue” from the sweltering heat. On the shore there is a restaurant, a couple of cafes, a playground and a hire of catamarans. But the most interesting thing is the bridge that spanned across the lake from its northern side.

Raiduzhnyi Housing district (the official name – Serova-Raiduzhnyi) is one of the housing districts of the left bank of Kiev, referring to the Dnieper area. A Housing district itself is located on the former site of the Voznesenskaya suburb, although the district received the name from the name of the lake Radunka.

During the eight years since 1977, the Raiduzhnyi Housing district was built up with houses of nine and sixteen floors, and old single-storey houses were demolished.

Housing district consists of three districts, and the main street is named Raiduzhnaya. An area is built up with alternate sixteen candles and long nine-storey buildings of 4 or 6 front doors.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Raiduzhnaya street (subway Darnica and Petrovka)
The location of the bridge: the lake Radunka
Construction starting date: not specified
Opening date: not specified
Length: 3,000 m
Width: 600 m

Getting there:
From the underground Petrovka by any vehicle in the direction of the Raiduzhnyi Housing district before crossing the streets of Honore de Balzac and the Avenue of General Vatutina, there turn to the right side towards Raiduzhnaya street.
From Darnica go to Vyzvoliteley Avenue further along the boulevard of Perov and turn left on the street Alisher Navoi and then go along the Raiduzhnaya street.