For those who do not know – Volodymyr’s Hill is not a park, but a riot of greenery, which has grown spontaneously and very picturesque. Two hundred years ago the park area was planned here. Then, due to the Commission at the Municipal Duma (100001898 – 1902) a famous chestnut avenue and the second one – near the monument to Prince Vladimir were planted.

The current Kiev authorities plan to landscape the area and install two park bridges, because of it they would have to take off some greenery on the slopes of St. Michael’s Mount. In ancient times the hills were a part of defensive walls. They are ideal to create a view or landscape alley based on them. Since they could open a majestic panorama of Podil and the Dnieper. And because of overgrown trees it is impossible not to use that. Besides, the public of Kiev because of misunderstanding the aesthetic value of a unique panorama are trying to defend these bushes, considering them a park.

Back in 1960 near the Kokorevsky gazebo on the Vladimir’s Hill an episode of the legendary film “Chasing Two Hares” was filmed out. In this sketch, short on time, Golokhvastov, brilliantly played by Oleg Borisov, is going up the hill, and behind him an amazing panoramic view of Podil, obstructed by nothing, is opened. It is necessary to rewatch the wonderful film, to confirm the correctness of Architects’ words.

Bridge over the Vladimir’s Hill

Bridge over the Vladimir’s Hill

One of the scheduled bridges will be thrown across the Vladimir’s descent, thus it will link parks with their lower terraces, located in front of Vladimir’s Hill. The second bridge will connect the street Borichev Tok current from the bottom station of the cable railway. Walking along the edge of Kiev hills, you can admire the beautiful scenery which is constantly changing.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Vladimir’s Hill – Poshtova Ploscha
The location of the bridge: over Vladimir’s Hill
Construction starting date: unknown
Opening date: unknown
Length: unknown
Width: unknown