Back in 1993 the capital residents and visitors came to Lvov’s square to look at one of the first skyscrapers of the Soviet Union era – a modern building of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine.

This was not the first high-rise building in Kiev, before its appearance the “skyscrapers” were regarded the bell tower and the monastery of St. Sophia Cathedral, as well as the main woman in Ukraine – the Motherland, which is still among the highest monuments in the spaces of our native city.

The construction of a giant in Lvov’s square began in 70-ties of the twentieth century. It was built on the site of the old quarter, which was built up with houses of two or three floors, and their first floors served for the premises of post and various grocery stores.

The Construction continued for over 20 years and initially they wanted to “settle” the Ministry of Trade there. It is noteworthy that during the tour this building was shown to tourists arrived in the city, and called it a “ministerial protracted building”, but soon the guides were asked to talk about the building, as an example of the rapid pace of construction in the USSR.

After completing the construction a 28-storey skyscraper grew at the site. Its height was 84 meters.

The building of tax administration

The building of tax administration

But this comic situation does not end there, since at the top of the building the ball was fixed at which communication was concealed, then the people called it “a symbol of trade in the USSR” and said so: like a Ministry building stores are as bare as the palm of one’s hand. Whew!

Additional Information:
Date of alleged commissioning: 1993
Number of floors: 28