Richard castleThe majority believes that Kiev, like Rome, is situated on seven hills, but in reality there are much more hills in Kiev. Ukrainian capital freely lies on the great number of mountains, hills and hillocks of the Right Bank, one of them is decorated with exotic structure – The Richard’s Castle.

The castle does not have just a neo-Gothic style, is seems to want deliberately to emphasize its Gothic elements with medieval fanaticism, and this is quite successful, thanks to an atmosphere of mystery and lots of legends associated with it.

To tell the truth, everything looks mysterious here. For some reason, the construction of multiple-input transitions, they are present in each tier. Each room has its own entrance – you can get to them through the front stairs and through a balcony or an addition …

The most mysterious is a spiral staircase leading to the tower. In the body wall it is put away so that it is very difficult to detect it. It is interesting, what it could be related to?

The Next mystery of the castle – is the identity of the architect, about whom virtually nothing is known. Very famous scientist M. Kalnitsky, researching the history of Castle Richard, has found a similar project, spending a lot of effort.

He suddenly discovered that in the late nineteenth – early twentieth century to the officials of St. Petersburg Department of the Interior it was planned to build on Aptekarsky island a similar structure in the English Gothic Revival style, the project manager was appointed an academician Robert Marfeld, but for some reason the project in St. Petersburg was not implemented.

But in Kiev the similar one was implemented. Is there a connection between these events or not? It is difficult to judge. And when you consider that adapt the specific structure to Kiev’s relief is the daunting task, then historians still speculate on who could have done it.

But we have proved that the type of both projects is almost identical, and the Kiev’s Richard’s Castle is an exact analog of the St. Petersburg architectural plan, which was either stolen or purchased. Still, historians agree that it has likely been stolen, and made by a person, a building contractor from Kiev – Dmitry Orlov.Tower

In June, 1902 he purchased a lot of land with the house of an icon painter Anton Malenko, demolishes buildings and plans to build high-rise houses for rent apartments.

It simplifies the facade of the house to save money, but otherwise plan remained unchanged.

Even during the construction the castle gained notoriety – shortly before the completion of works there was a fire at the castle, allegedly due to negligence of workers who spent the night in it.

Flame blazed so that it could be seen from afar. People began to bypass the castle, spreading lurid rumors about him.

Panoramik veiw on the city

Panoramik veiw on the city

Orlov began the construction without coordinating it with the city authorities, as the authorization was issued only to the authors of the projects, graduates of the Imperial Academy of Arts. To recognized that the project was stolen, Orlov did not want to, so he had to bribe the police inspector, who, during the inspection did not see the object under construction, as if it had not noticed. Orlov did not pay workers for the last few months.

It is possible that this was the cause of the fire, though this version has no evidence. During the fire in urban governance remembered that permit for building was not given, but Orlov managed to hush up the scandal. Bribes to the city fathers have done their work, and Orlov, was awarded as an honorary citizen of Kiev.

The history ascribes to the house a bunch of supernatural phenomena. Since 1912, it has been known as The Haunted House”.

The drivers were taken reluctantly to potential tenants to St. Andrew’s Descent. After completing in 1905, there were not a lot of people who wanted to live in feudal castles. Soon, a few tenants started complaining that from the exterior part of the tower they heard the sound of sobbing, and then hysterical laughter, and in the chimney and vent outlet in windy weather, something is oohing.

In Kyiv there were rumors of evil spirits in the house, the residents were scattered, the house ceased to bring a profit to the owner.

The sinister reputation of the house, oddly enough, attracted Kiev artists, who quickly moved into the empty apartments. Into one of them an ecclesiastical academy professor Stepan Golubev settled, who “overpowered” evil spirits.

He first discovered that there are mounted pots near the chimney. At the slightest movement of air there is an imitation of groans and howls – that was the way builders “rewarded” Orlov for nonpayment of money.

castle richard the firstIn September 1908 the landlord takes the credit 87 000 rubles on bail of home. He needed Money for the improvement of the Amur’s Railway (Far East).

And on August 1, 1911 Orlov was killed near Blagoveshchensk. His widow was left alone with five children; she was forced to sell the castle. Over the next nine years, the house changed owners three times because of its loss.

In 1920 it was nationalized by the Soviets and adapted by communal until 1983. Later, the residents have been resettled, and to this day there is a major repair.

The Castle has got its name in 1967 with a light hand of the famous writer Viktor Nekrasov. In that year, in the eighth issue of the literary magazine “Novy Mir”, he published the essay “The Turbin’s House” dedicated to a house number 13, located on Andrew’s descent.

Once upon a time there lived a novelist and playwright Mikhail Bulgakov with his parents, who “prescribed” within these walls his characters – a family of Turbine’s from the White Guard.”

WHERE did the castle get its name?
In his essay Nekrasov remembered a few original structures located on Andrew’s descent, including the Castle of Richard the Lion heart.

As revealed, the castle was named after the very real Richard – Mr. Yurevich – a brilliant storyteller and the tale-teller who lived in it for more than 60 years.

He was the oldest tenant of this house, lived there since 1922. Viktor Nekrasov met him in 1966, among them began a friendship.

Richard willingly told the writer of life stories of the castle. As a joke Nekrasov called his friend Richard the Lion heart.

Almost a quarter century, the handsome castle stands empty.  A long major overhaul started to open in the building a luxury hotel, but it was moving very slowly, and since 1990 has stopped in general. The only thing that changed here – it’s a staircase.

Then an investor was found who invested in the construction more than $ 2 million. Since then the building changed owners several times, but no matter what, it is empty.

The irony of higher powers? Or another secret of an enchanted castle? Hopefully, that time has put everything in its place. And every secret will ever be revealed.