The Church of Nikolay DobryTHE HISTORY
According to some sources the Church of Nikolay Dobry existed in the 11-13 centuries. Due to one version, the name of the temple comes from Kyivan Dobrykov who captured Polovtsian. He has vowed to drive the horses as a ransom before the church of St. Nikolay and did not keep his word.

St. Nikolay appeared right in front of him and forced him to send even more horses than was promised.

In the 16 century Matviy Kushka (nicknamed Samiylo Cat), Zaporizhsky Hetman (military chief), built a wooden church next to the hospital for the infirm and the elderly. Since then the church was named St. Nikolay Dobry (the Good). After a fire of 1651 was restored in 1662. The restruction of the temple of stone took place in1706-1716 years. The priest (the future archpriest ) Simeon Shirypa took an active part in building.

At the same time in 1716 the bell tower was erected and in 1781 was rebuilt by an architect I.Grygorovych-Barsky. In 1799 the temple was dismantled.

In 1913 Mikhail Bulgakov and Tatyana Lappa had their wedding ceremony. After the destruction of the temple a school was built in its place. Consequently, only the bell tower remained, which is called by mistake the temple of St. Nikolay Dobry.

In 1800-1807 an architect A.Melensky built a new church in the Empire style, which,unfortunately, has not survived till our days. The main adornment of the temple was an Empire-style iconostasis in the form of a large crown that was situatid just in the middle. The Corinthian columns supported it.

The additional information:
The address: Kyiv, Pokrovska st, 6, “Kontraktova Ploshcha” subway station.

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