On the place of the ancient church a temple was erected in 1631 (according to another version in the late 17th century) at the expense of the philistine Peter, nicknamed the Iron penny. The name is associated either with “prytyk” – the mooring for commercial vessels, or with a fact that a thief was caught during attempted robbery(in Ukrainian to catch is “prytysnuty”).

The church is dedicated to St Nicholay – the patron of sailors, merchants and traders. It has a hard fate as it burned several times (100001651, 1718, 1811 and 1909). In 1868 a chapel joined up the temple. After the fire in 1811 assistant of iconographer Suhoveeva died during a painting. This is the only church in Kyiv where the mass continued until 1935, since there lived John Pawlowsky – Metropolitan.Then the church was closed and a cotton-spinning mill was instead of it.

During the World War ІІ the dome has dropped once again and the walls cracked. The restorers have been trying to work that out until the 1990’s. The people blamed the subterranean waters, restorers and even subway for the infinite collapses.

After the completion of restoration the church was given first to the community of autocephalous church and now it belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate.

The architect A. Melensky headed the restoration of the church and its bell tower in the Empire style. The construction is accomplished in the Ukrainian Baroque style. The white walls are decorated with pilasters. The churche’s zest is a pear-shaped green tower, which is typical of the Ukrainian baroque. The top tier of the belfry is of classic style. The interior is decorated in a similar to St. Vlolodymyr’s Cathedral style.

The additional information:
The address: Kyiv, Khoryva st, 5A(on the crossing of Khoryv and Prytysko-Mykilska st.)

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