The Church of the Intercession of the Mother of GodTHE HISTORY
This temple is the best example of Ukrainian Baroque, the masterpiece of the architect I.Grygorovych-Barsky. In 1685 the Greek merchant built a wooden church of the Intercession of the Mother of God for his family on the same place where the Armenian church once burnt.According Tarnaviot widow’s will the church was to become a parish.

In the mid-nineteenth century Ivan Strom designed the iconostasis( which was dismantled in1931).

In 1930 the church was closed. But in 1941 the service resumed as the occupation began. It became a place of salvation for the Jews.

In 1950th the church was closed and restored as an architectural monument.

In 1971 the tower was restored. When Ukraine became an independent country the church was turned into the cathedral.

In 1766-72 Grygorovych-Barsky built a two-storeyed stone church with three domes on the place of the burnt wooden church. The Intercession Church’s baroque style resonates with the St. Andrew’s Church that stands above.

The building has two churches – the upper (which is used at summertime) and lower (which is used at wintertime). Three cupolas with flashlights are on east-west axis. Before the fire of 1811 the church was decorated with a stucco ornament, but, unfortunately, it was impossible to recover it. Even before the fire, the temple had the features of palace architecture owing to the great talent of its creator. The interior looks buoyant and elegant. There are many windows and an abundance of light in the church.

The additional information:
The address:Kyiv, Pokrovska st, 7/3, the subway station “Kontraktova Ploshcha”

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