The Clock cafeWhen you get to this place you reconsider a valuation of time. This is a special place where no rush, compulsive service and time runs in different way here.Here is everything free of charge except for time, where 1 minute is 50 kop. for 1-st hour you spent and 25 kop. for following hours.

At the entrance each visitor chooses a watch which he likes, with individual name. On the special board is shown the name of your watch and the time you came. From that point timing starts. For each visitor there are free drinks: coffee, tea, cocoa with sweets and biscuits. Notice, there is no limit for your order, you pay only for the time you spend at the cafe.

At the cafe you can spend nice time with your friends, to play chess, checkers or other game, or you could get on your own to reed the book from the cafe’s library, or with your personal lap-top.

Visitors allowed to move tables and chairs to feel comfortable. There are no limitations accept smoking and taking alcohol.

Clock cafe history

An idea to start this cafe came to Andrey Mitin because his own experience. He had to order something of the menu because you can’t sit at empty table. At this cafe such rules are absent. You are free to do whatever you like and not to fear that waiter would be staring at you.

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First cafe was opened in St-Petersburg, idea was accepted and cafes were spread not only in Russia, but now this cafe presented in Kiev.

Open hours: 11.00 – 23.00 every day

How to find: Vladimirskaya str. 49 a

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