Construction of the skyscraper, which houses the Court of Appeal, began in 1978.

For this the Solomenskaya square near the cemetery of the same name was chosen. First, the computer centre of “Giprovodhoz” was planned to place in the building.

In an era of restructuring the construction of the facility was frozen, the building has changed owners in September, none of whom could bring it to mind. Already in 2002 the building was given to the Kiev Court of Appeal, and in January 2004 the reconstruction of the building started. Under the plan the cost of reconstruction was to be about 20 million hryvnias. In the process of reconstruction the buildings grew up on 6 meters and its height was 127 m. In addition, it has become deeper on 2 floors – on the architect’s plan a parking lot should be there.

In accordance with the requirements of fire safety, a helipad was set up on the roof.

The Court of Appeal on Solomenskaya Square

The Court of Appeal on Solomenskaya Square

Now the building has three blocks and six elevators, its facilities are the most powerful in Kiev comprising autonomous gas boiler. The reconstruction work was planned to be finished at the end of 2006, but still it is not completed, and the Court of Appeal is not possible to move into a new building.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Solomenskaya square, 2-a
The observation deck: absent, there is a helipad, which could be used as a lookout.

Getting there:
From the underground Vokzalnaya go down the Uritskogo street to Solomenskaya square.
From the Victory Avenue to get to Vozduhoflotsky bridge, to drop on the bridge and go to Solomenskaya square.