1.800 gr. of hops;

2.400 gr. of sugar;

3.4 tbl. spoons of soda;

4.300 gr. of rye malt;

5.2 kg. of sweet shallow crushed crackers

6.100 gr of yeast

Into 25 five liters of boiling water to add 800 gr. of hops, 300 gr. of rye malt and 100 gr. of yeast that pre-diluted in two cups of warm water. To add 400 gr. of sugar and to mix it thoroughly and to infuse 1,5-2 days. After that to add 2 kg. of sweet shallow crushed crackers and to fill all in the 18 liters of boiled water. Then all of this to pour into a vat, to cover with a lid and to leave it in a warm place for 3 days.

After 3 days to cool it and to filtrate. To the rest of the masses to add 3 liters of boiled water and 4 spoons of soda. To mix it and to put it into warm place for 24 hours. The second infusion to mix with the first one and to filtrate it through folded in several layers of cheesecloth and to bottle it. Cork the bottles and store two weeks in cool place.