Everyone who likes beer tries to taste as many kinds of beer as he can.
For today there are many sorts of beer that are divided into several main groups: light, dark, filtrated, non filtrated and others. But there are some sorts of beer that can be referred to “unusual” and “exotic” ones.

We have been written already about beer that can be produced out of bananas. Now we want to tell you about the beer that is made out of milk.

Dairy beer was invented in Japan and in 2007 it went on sale. An idea of the creation of such a beer belongs to a Japanese farmer that proposed to use a milk as basic component to a huge brewing factory. Plant’s technologists have developed a special way of making such an unusual kind of beer and released it into mass production.

Its technology looks like: milk is served to a special tank, and heated by a steam of the hot air. Than in hot milk are added yeasts and hops and than such a mix leave for fermentation process. Remarkable that during fermentation a liquid changes its smell and color, which resembles a strong tea with a milk.

After fermentation the liquid cools and gets a color of unfiltered beer. The appropriate name to this beer was chosen and it was called BILK- combination of English words: beer and milk.

Dairy beer bottled into bottles of 0,33 liters and has an unusual fruity flavor and aroma.

If you visit Japan, try and appreciate the flavor of this beer.