The Darnitskiy bridge - a bridge of Amanda StruveSince ancient times, the crossing over the Dnieper has always been risky and complicated. Ancient bridges destroyed the ice each spring, and the wooden remains were dragged to their homes.

Today Kyiv has seven large bridges across the Dnieper River and several smaller bridges, over its tributaries.

Railway Station connects the right bank Vidubichi and Bereznyaki on the left bank.

The capital’s legendary military engineer Amand Struve entered the history of Kiev because of the unprecedented achievements of technical equipment. In 1867, leadership in the design and construction of the railway bridge across the Dnieper River was entrusted to him. Any track of “the Europe glands” did not have a bridge longer than a kilometre.

Instead of the usual technology of this time young Struve used a coffered way for the construction of towers. This was an incredible risk, saving resources, time and money. But the enterprise was crowned with great success. It cost for treasury only 3.2 million. Traffic on the bridge was opened in February 1870. An architectural masterpiece was blown up twice – by the White Guards in 1920 and by Soviet troops in 1941 during the retreat.

New Darnitskiy bridge was re-built after the war. Now another rail-road bridge is being built next to it. 1100m line has three bands in each direction for traffic and two railway tracks. The future bridge from the station Darnitsa to station “Kiev-Moscow” will be up to 6 km. The construction began in April 2004 and should have ended in 2006.

But at the very beginning they had to face great challenges that inspired scandals: cracks in the pillars of the depth of a meter were found. To remove them, one need 1,107,000 USD. One of the pillars of the bridge had recently moved. It took another huge sum of money on completion. Therefore, the construction is still continuing and the expiration date is unknown.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, located between Vydubychi Monastery and Lavra
The location of the bridge: the Dnieper
Construction starting date: 1867
Opening Date: 1870
Length: 1100m
Width: unknown

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