Gogol`s noseWe can’t but admire the creativity of some sculptors and painters! They do the most unexpected things to please Kyivans and guests of the capital. In 2006 such an idea struck Oleg Dergachev’s, sculptor, imagination and he created the monument “Nikolay Gogol’s Nose”. «CultKiev» has tried to find out why it was the famous writer’s nose that sculptor decided to perpetuate.

Most likely, there are two reasons. The first one is that Nikolay Gogol lived and worked in Kyiv at Andriyvskiy Uzviz. Ukrainians are proud that the famous writer is our compatriot. The second probable reason is Gogol’s work of literature “The Nose” which he, by the way, wrote in Kyiv.

People say that the writer was inspired to create “The Nose” when he was taking a walk along Andriyvskiy Uzviz. Just at that time he had caught a cold and couldn’t get rid of it. Whether it is true or not, but the bronze sculpture appeared on Andriyvskiy Uzviz owing to talanted Oleg Dergachev.

Oleg Dergachev from Lviv is a famous caricaturist , sculptor, graphic artist, a writer not only in our country but also abroad. His works are in Russian, Ukrainian and European museums, including: Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris, France), Victoria and Albert Museum (England), Russian State Library. More than once he has received the highest award in field of art, cartoons . He is a member of many international art associations, including the French Academy of humor and participated in judging contests cartoons.

«CultKiev» was lucky to find out that the author of the sculpture of the nose was originally just drew the nose with the mustache to make a mock-up and presented it to the “Triptych”Gallery in order to commemorate the time when he had worked there. After the sculpture appeared in a bronze glow and was installed on Andriyivsky Uzviz on the wall of 34 house. This extraordinary monument appeared in July 2006.

Until now people argue, whose nose was the prototype to the monument. Some believe that this is the very nose of Nikolai Gogol, others stand their’s ground that this monument is dedicated to the nose of Major Kovalev, the main character of “The Nose”.

The second version aroused due to the fact that Kyiv Gogol’s nose has the twin brothers established in 1995 and 2008 in St. Petersburg.

The new monument hasentailed the emergence of a number of beliefs, one of which is: if to rub Gogol’s nose, you will get rid of rhinitis for sure.

One way or another, but there is a plenty of people who want to get rid of seasonal colds and their number increases constantly. Others simply take photos for memory.

An additional information:
The Address: Kyiv, Andriyvskiy Uzviz,34

How to get there:
1.From Zoloti Vorota subway station: cross the Sophia square to Mykhailivsky Cathedral, turn to Andriyvskiy Uzviz
2.From Pochtova Ploshcha subway station ( Kontractova square) go up to Andriyvskiy Uzviz.