Architects and artists are trying to surprise the capital’s residents and guests of Kiev in different ways. With their “light hand” not just one original monument or sculpture appeared, they decorate the city with drawings on grey walls, they set the monuments of the frogs, and they make the cat out of white plastic forks and attach it to one of the most popular parks of the city of Grand Duke Kiy.

One of the last such unusual “decoration” was a reduced globe with attached items of female underwear.

The sculpture itself is a huge blue ball with a diameter of two meters, where bras and panties along the lines of the continents on the globe are scattered. The frame of this sculpture is made of iron, thus this ball weighs as much as 300 pounds.

In total, the creation of this masterpiece for the author took a little more than 20 days.

The sculptor of a creation is no one other than Vladimir Belokon, famous for his sculptures of cats and love lamps. The author told that it inspired him to create a sculpture. He believes that female beauty makes wonders in the world, and what subject of women’s clothing, if not the lingerie show pretentiousness and capriciousness of female nature. Another idea, which served as the start of the creation of the composition: the Earth – a heavenly body, and by the fall of stars we can make a wish. Now everyone has the opportunity to make a wish by touching the ball dedicated to womanhood.

The monument was opened on August 23 this year and is timed to celebrate the unofficial All-Ukrainian Day of underwear. Thus, a symbol of femininity came to Kiev.

The first day of underwear was in 2003, August 5, Times Square, the central part of the American city of New York. Organizers and the sponsor of the march in underwear was an online store FreshPair. Besides models, which take part in a march in support of the lingerie Day, organizers urge everyone who wants to join. For convenience, they offer a set of brand underwear and dressing room, where you can try it for yourself. Now organizers are gathering signatures for the recognition of the state holiday.

The globe in the elements of women’s underwear – Sculpture

During these seven years, the festival has been celebrated in some countries, such as Brazil and Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the daily laundry is marked on August 23. This year’s festival was held in 20 Ukrainian cities, and sponsor of the action has become a brand of underwear – the company Milavitsa. The holiday sponsor held an action “to exchange old clothes for new.” Charming girls in underwear were taking pictures with everyone and encouraged to sign for the recognition of a national holiday.

And another event on this day 300 girls in swimsuits took part in the formation of the inscriptions Milavitsa on the beach of St. Tropez, Kiev. This event is recorded in the Guinness Book of Ukraine.

A tree with chairs
Lover’s lights

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