Hop is one of the main beer ingredients. Since ancient times in many countries hops was considered a poisonous plant, and very often was prohibit to use for brewing, for example, in England till 15th century.

Hop belongs to the family of hemp and is one year bisexual climbing plant. Hop shoots are able to grow to 6-8 meters high. For brewing are used female flowers only because they often supersede concentrated substances for beer. As the old saying goes, “hops plantations should be similar to a nunnery”.

Besides its palatability, hops has healing properties that are not yet fully investigated.

In a bitter resinous substance that emit hop cones, contains large amounts of essential oils and aromatic resins, such as tannins, alpha acid, beta acid, alkaloid hopein and some hormones. A very important in brewing is alpha acid. Beta acid is not completely investigated yet, but it is already known that it helps to fight the disease, such as tuberculosis. Hops are also appreciated very much for its feature to extend the beverages’ shelf life.

Hops enhances foaming and transparency, also gives a characteristic aroma and a pleasant bitterness. Also hop is natural preservative and antiseptic, because it inhibits the activity of bacteria preventing souring the wort and finished beer. For to brew 100 liters of beer will need from 200 to 700 grams of hop.

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