You have a great opportunity to take a breath of frosty air, to admire the gigantic trees and just to enjoy yourself when visiting the open-air Ice Stadium in Kyiv.

There is plenty of space to practice and perfect your skating skills by doing different kinds of exercises. Even the professional skaters have chosen this place for training. The only thing that can hinder training is the fickle weather as the ice is not artificial and naturally begins to melt with increasing of temperature. You may skate for the whole two hours for a funny fee of fife UAN. And if you have your own skates, then, for the same amount of money, you can skate until you have forces and desire.

The design of rooms is quit modest, therefore a wardrobe resembles the one that is in the theatre. You can get warm and change the clothes in the locker room, where a long radiator is situated. There are cafes with reasonable prises at the stadium. The stadium is remarkable by the fact that this is the only place in Kyiv, where one can rent not only the hockey and figure, but also racing skates. In addition, there are no fixed-skating sessions at this place – the countdown begins at the moment you step onto the ice. And no fee is charged for the instructor’s help.

The additional information:
The address: Kyiv, Academician Glushkov Avenue, 9
Tel: 044 526 6066 (100005226), 526 3708
Working hours: 11:00 a.m. – 21:00 p.m.
The fee: 30 UAN for 2 hours (100002009)
The age group: children from three years old or when they can skate

How to get there:
From the subway station “Lybidska” drive to Odeska Square and turn to Glushkov street, not reaching 300 meters to Hippodrome.
Take any transport to Odeska Square, then go down Glushkov street