The stained glass is one of the most unusual and mysterious interior decoration. Undoubtedly, it is the best decision to set the stained glass window, if you want to bring some originality and gem to your house. The multi-colored pieces of glass will turn your room into the realm of colour. Every single moment spend in such an environment will definately bring a unique emotion.

The stained glass (from the French vitrage – Glazing) is a kind of decoration of interior of residential areas with ornamental features using colored glass. The most commonly used in the window opening.

Mosaic – the colored glass that assembles the carpet, vegetable or regular geometric ornament is used for its manufacture. The ready-made cast glass pieces are often used in design of stained glass.

The composed stained glass is the easiest form of stained glass. The technic of its manufacture is the following: the pre cut colored pieces of glass are combined on the special table. Sometimes, the glass is being cut just on the spot in the production process.

Mosaic stained glass resembles a mosaic. The ornament has a regular geometric shape. The sophisticated cast glass elements are used in the process of composition of picture.

The sanblasting stained glass is one of the most difficult types. The special stencils and sandblasting machine are used in its manufacture. Due to a sandblasted machining, the clear glass can aquire any form.

The facet stained glass is made out of polished bulk glass, that is cut in a special way. It is recommended to use this kind of stained glass in decoration of the doors(except of front door) and furniture. The reason for it is that usually facet modules are made of thick glass, that’s why it is better to install them in a sturdy frame, otherwise they would not withstand the frequent opening and closing the doors.

The soldering (lead-soldering) stained glass is a classic stained-glass window, which is the basis for all other techniques. It was deviced in the Middle Ages and even nowadays it is still one of the most common. The classical technique consists in composing the pieces of colored glass in a lead frame and sealing them at the joints.

The fancy stained glass. The composition is made of clear glass with embossed figured surface. The set is made on a pre-drawn picture.

The combined stained glass. The various processing techniques, mostly by acids are used in the manufacture of this type. The laminated glass and cast glass rosettes are used as a material..

The Silhouette (contour stained glass) – the bottle bottoms serve as a material for this type of stained glass … Oh, actually not the bottle bottoms, but rather the glass discs, that have a very similar shape. The discs are put in the desired pattern and the space between them is filled with glasses of different shapes and textures.

Tiffany technique is considered to be one of the most complex among all present technologies of stained glass production, nevertheless, it is also the most expensive one. The manufacture of stained glass using this technique consists in the following process: each element of stained glass is wrapped in a thin foil and then they are soldered together with a help of the heat treatment.
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