Funicular is relatively a rare form of transport. The word itself has Latin roots (from the Latin “Rope”). Funicular is a cable lifting vehicle. With the cable car one can carry passengers on short routes at higher elevations.

Engineers Baryshnikov, Piatnitski were involved to the project. The length of the “cable car”, at the time of creation, was 200 meters, although originally planned to pave the rope way of 250 meters, but due to obstacles in the form of a private house, it had to be limited to a smaller length.

Trolley cars and cable car equipment were made in Switzerland. Work of cableway was provided by 2 engines. The engine was equipped with a band brake, which did not allow transport to move with great speed.

The Kiev’s funicular connects the Mikhailovsky mountain, and Borichevskiy current. The Construction of the cable car began in 1903 and ended in the spring of 1905. One should thank Abragamsona Arthur for such kind of a gimmick, who brought the idea of building such a vehicle in Kiev for the first time.

The cable car

The cable car

Kiev funicular regularly worked right up to 1928. Due to the aging of composite parts one of the wagons broke from anchorage, in the fall snagged another one and both cars crashed. To our great happiness there were no victims.

This accident was a cause for early reconstruction of the vehicle. New cars were already produced at the Kiev plant, the brake system was upgraded, a cable rope was extended by as much as 38 meters and added one more station on the route in Sagaydachny street.

In 1984-1986, as a result of another reconstruction the upper station was extended by 5 meters, the lower station was completely rebuilt, the pulley that directs the rope was replaced.



– Funicular is actively used by inhabitants of the capital, and guests of Kiev.
– One car of the lifting vehicle can accommodate 100 passengers (including 30 seated).
– The funicular Move at a speed of 2 meters per second, and carries passengers from the lower station at the top, and vice versa, for two or three minutes.
– for An hour the Kiev’s funicular can carry up to 4 thousand people, and the total passenger traffic in the year is up to 4 million people.

The “Cable car” is ready to meet their passengers daily from six in the morning, carrying the capital’s residents and tourists right up to 11:00 pm.

Retired peple and young children under 7 years old use the discounted travel and go for free, while for others the price fare is 4 UAH.

The funicular operates as a department Kyivpastrans.

Address: 04070, Ukraine, Kiev, Sagaydachnogo street, 3

Tel.: (044) 417-61-62 (044) 417-61-62 (044) 417-61-62, (044) 417-61-62