In Ukraine the autumn is traditional time for weddings, preparations for which are not limited to the organization of the banquet, marriage registration, and purchase of everything you need. The photographes and video help to make this day unforgetable for you. . Where to go for a walk with guests on the wedding day? We have a wonderful custom when the newlyweds visit the main monuments and places of interest of their beloved city. One of such places – the Lover’s Bridge in Kyiv. Do you want to know more? «CultKiev» is glad to tell you about this bridge, the history of its appearance in the capital and romantic traditions associated with it.

The lovers of various countries created a charming tradition, so thousands of ribbons, labels and locks (symbols of a strong and eternal love ) began to appear on the bridges, which serve as a place for romantic rendezvous. Such bridges were called as lovers’ bridges. The fashion of hanging locks to demonstrate the strength of feeling emerged after the publication of the 1992 a novel by Federico Mochcha “Three meters above the sky”, where the main characters did this.

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The Lover’s Bridge in Kyiv has several names: The Park’s Bridge, The Devil’s Bridge, The Bridge of Kisses, The Small Paton’s Bridge.The official date of commissioning of the bridge is 1912, but it was actually built by Professor Paton at the end of 1910. Because the last structural test was conducted at that time. Kyivans took fancy of the new pedestrian bridge and it became very popular among lovers, who became to date here. But the revolution burst out.
The scale of the destruction was depicted by Mikhail Bulgakov in his essay “Kyiv-city”
: “an air bridge that like an arrow united two cliffs of Imperial Garden, has lost absolutely all wooden parts. It was torn to the last splinter by flooring Kyivans for firewood. Only an iron frame survived and boys, risking their precious lives make their way through it”.

Later, the bridge was repaired. Also it had been used as a lantern long before the war started.

It’s a real miracle that the bridge survived during the war. After the end of disaster the Central park of arts and culture was layed out. The old constructions were replaced with a new made of steel. When the projection was made, it turned out that Paton has designed the best construction!

The bridge was rebuilt in June 1983. after you install a new design The old openwork supporting arch was sent to the museum complex Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky after the installation of a new design.

THE Lovers’ Bridge TODAY
The Kyiven romanctic dwellers were first who appreciated the reconstructed bridge. It is a place for dates, and marriage proposition. A love lyrics in verse and prose is written on the railing .

For the sake of a strong love lovers hang the whole clusters of locks and the employees of “Kievavtodor ” periodically remove them during the repairment of bridge (replacement of the wooden parts of the bridge, painting and installation of lighting).

Since August the bridge is open for lovers.

There is an amazing belief – the one whom you kiss here will remember you for the whole life.

An additional information:
The Address: Kyiv, Park road, Mariynskiy park

How to get there:
1.From Arsenalna subway station: on foot cross Mariynskiy park
2.From Kreshchatic subway station rising to the arch of Friendship of people, through a park toward the Maria palace.