In the beginning of 2011 in Kiev, Belarusskaya st. beside the entrance to insurance company “Brockbusiness” was set a monument that full name is “ Shoes of Insurance agent who trod them in the search of customers”.

Size of shoes is not small – 92 and the weight of each is 90 kg. The length of the left shoe is 69,5 cm. and a right one is 69,8cm. The right shoe is worn more that allows us to suppose that monument was created from a nature. Those boots got into the list of Ukrainian records, as boots of the most large size, you ever tried on.

According to the legend if to try them on and to rub shoelaces it will bring you a good luck.

An old word for shoe

A shoe – the type of boots that mostly were made of wood. The first mention of wooden shoes dated on 81 of 15th century. Their area information refers to Denmark, for a good reason, the great writer Andersen mentioned them in his tales.

The meaning of the word shoe means a type of boots. The upper part of which was sewn to the sole, also was envisaged for shoe to have an insole and a backdrop, and sometimes a lining. Usually the upper part was made of fabrics or leather. Some of the shoes had heels.

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About the sculpture and its ideas of creation

The bronze shoes sculpture has appeared to order one of Kiev’s insurance companies that expressed a desire to pay a tribute to the profession of insurance agent. Symbol “worn shoes” was not accidental for the insurance agent is always walks a lot even in run to search his client.

The making only a one shoe took 1,5 months. In the beginning was made a wax model, then it was covered with necessary elements, and only then it was made in bronze, was used 12 kg. Of bronze.

About the creators
The creators of the project are brothers Peter and Andrew Ozyumenko. Both of them have graduated the State Art School named after Taras Shevchenko, having a diplomas of higher degree. And Peter graduated it with Red Diploma. They won the tender for to create monument to Vladimir Visotskiy which set in Kiev.

Shoes of World countries

Not only in Kiev there is a monument of the shoes, for instance there is a monument of 3 meters high in Tikrit (Iraq) that was thrown into President George W. Bush during the conference by one of journalists.

Other monuments made out of bronze
The monument of shoes is not only in Kiev, also you can visit :
1 – Cat Pantyusha monument;
2 – Gogol’s Nose monument.

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