The project leaders believe that the building of high-rise houses is appropriate on Rybalsky Island. The project of a new business center “Kyiv City” will be erected on the Elektronikov street, 28. It includes several skyscrapers and the building of the future city administration, which will be in the form of Cyrillic letter “П”.

The business center’s building is composed from four towers with a maximum height of 330 meters or 80 floors.
In fact, the Rybalsky Island will become Ukrainian analog to Manhattan. And there is no wonder that the new business center will be named “Kyiv City” similar to “Moscow City”.

Just imagine that the area of the complex is 800 thousand square meters and the half of it will be occupied by offices. The managing partner of “Knight Frank”, Andrey Petrov, has estimated that the sum of investments is approximately $ 1 billion. The project will be financed by partners according to the size of stake. The Turkish company ENKA will be the general contractor, but the contract has not been signed yet.

The complex will be located on the area of 5 hectares, at the pre-stage it occupied the area of 600 thousand square meters. A part of the island“Kiev City” pretends to, will take up150-200 hectares. A set of proposals for the development of 178 hectares has already been prepared. The chief architect, George Kurowsky, believes that almost $ 2 billion more should be invested in the hydraulicking of the territory and engineering drafting.

As we can see from the sketch, the entire business center of “Kyiv City” will consist of towers, business centers, the oceanarium, serviced apartments, trade-, entertainment and sports complexes, a museum of modern art, hotels, office buildings, railway stations and a transport-pedestrian terminal.

In addition, “Kiev City” it is provided for to build the of administrative hall for the new mayor of Kyiv in “Kiev City”.

The additional information:
The date of going into operation: is not known.
The number of floors: 80

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