Visiting Kiev in 1924, Vladimir Mayakovsky, admired the scenery, opened from Vladimir’s Hill. A year later, he spoke enthusiastically about the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Between these picturesque places there is a direct connection.

Because a miracle of technology on the East River, erected by Reblingamami in 1883, repeats by its architecture the Nicholas Chain Bridge, thrown in 1853 across the Dnieper. At the World Exhibition in London an architect Dzh.Pekston demonstrated a silver model of the Nicholas Bridge in the “Crystal Palace”. Mayakovsky did not describe his impressions of the architectural marvel of Kiev, simply because it did no longer exist.

On a historic day on September 27, 1853 when St. Michael’s Hill was renamed into Vladimir’s Hill (1000027 September 1853) the monument to the Baptist of Russia was consecrated and the Nicholas Chain Bridge was opened. Monument to Vladimir now “lives”, and a unique engineering marvel fell into oblivion.

It was the only in the world six-span passage through the large expanse of water. 776 meters of the bridge leaf and 12 pounds (10000192 kg) of one chain link weighed 100,000 pounds. Five brick bulls, faced with granite, became a steel base of lush portals, made in the form of semicircular arches with Gothic British towers. The Nicholas bridge was compared with the Paris Arch of Triumph and the Chain Bridge on the Danube in Budapest. The bridge was blown up by the Whites in 1920, by the retreating Red Army in 1941.

If you want you can come to the Metro Bridge, stand at the railing and carefully scrutinize the water. You’ll notice five shoals; one of them perfectly preserved stone foundation of a bull. Remaining after the construction of the bridge Nicholas granite blocks were used in laying the foundation of the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky. These silent witnesses of history… you can even touch them.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, parallel to the Metro Bridge (Underground Dnepr)
The location of the bridge: the Dnieper
Construction starting date: 1848 m
Opening date: 1920 m
Length: 776 m
Width: 16 m