“Kievzelenstroy” got right for the installation and subsequent operation of facilities for viewing the beauties of Kiev. Simply put, to build an observation tower or the ferris wheel. 

The Mayor Leonid Chernovetsky has already signed the corresponding decree. Now it is planning to install a Ferris wheel in a park in Kiev, in its historical center. An estimated diameter is 70 meters. Thus, the Ukrainian Ferris wheel will be the largest in the territory of the former Soviet Union.

Soon there will be a tender, as Kiev budget does not include paper costs for the construction of this object, and investors are happy to pick up their a promising business. Igor Dobrutsky told a rumor that the wheel will be in the area of Askold’s grave.

But a wheel is a wheel, and not everybody will go there, considering it a banal attraction, but the observation deck should be there. Moreover, except the Mariinsky park and the Park of Glory, as well as on the Arch of Friendship – there is no place to view Kiev (the roofs of houses, the famous narrow range, we do not take into account). Therefore, in addition to the wheel in the future the construction of the Kiev Elfilev’s tower will be realized, although it is not yet known whether it will have at least some resemblance to the famous Paris monument. The Location, is still a secret. It can be Nivki park or Hydropark – both are far from the center, but it is known that a restaurant will be on the top. The beauty of nature is a commmon thing, but we always want to eat at any conditions.

It is possible to save budget in general. The Buildnig of an additional elevation can be avoided if the observation deck will be located on Vladimir’s Hill. The situation is similar on the Castle Hill, though there is the whole area built up with the “old days” for the rich – a cottage town. Therefore, some technical and administrative difficulties may arise. One can still put a rise on the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, but thereby eliminating the possibility of installing the ferris wheel, because the space there will definitely not suffice. The Arch’s observation deck is perfect for the tower. There can be organized both restaurants, and entertainment programs.

It is also planned to build the cable car project in Kiev in which the Arch of Friendship of peoples is strategically important. Construction of the tower there could be the start of this project.

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