It connects the centre of the city with beaches and parks of Trukhaniv Island. It was built in 1956-1957, respectively.The design looks easy and graceful, but reliable.

It somehow repeats the Chain Bridge, and its weight is 985 tons (this is after the war, when every kilogram of metal had been fought for!). To go to the beach from Khreschatik – it takes as little as 15 minutes.

With a length of 439 m bridge has a width of 7 meters. The height above the river level is 26 meters. This provides free passage of river vessels even with increased water level.

This all-welded bridge in a design, during its construction an automatic welding technology has been used. The bridge has two pylons with height of 32 m. Back in the early post-war years, city planners conceived the construction of Hydro park on an area of more than 20 km2 for recreation in summer and winter (with ski bases and stations for ice-yachting sport).

Ability to build it has been disputed by hydraulic engineers for a long time. On this occasion, there even had been a bet with architect Alex Zavarov (Kobelev with Gorodetsky 50 years ago!). At the grand opening of the Park Bridge, Alexei Ivanovich, was handed a box of champagne by the losing party.

The Bridge has quickly become a traditional part of the panorama of tourist Kiev. Through Kreschatyi Park and City Garden along numerous trails with benches and seating areas, without leaving the park area, you can get to a pedestrian bridge directly over the slope. Just a pity that the former magnificence has disappeared – the stairs on the slopes are in terrible condition. And the residents of Kiev in the majority instead of walking to the beach prefer to travel by subway or private transport.

The Park pedestrian bridge - Brooklyn’s bridge among people

The Park pedestrian bridge – Brooklyn’s bridge among people

Still Trukhanov island has its fans, which do not betray the favourite and the oldest city beach, and the Pedestrian bridge for six dozen of years makes happy hikers, combining the key architectural advantages: the benefit, durability, and beauty.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Naberezhne highway (Underground “Poshtova Ploscha”)
The location of the bridge: on the Dnieper
Construction starting date: 1956
Opening date: 1959
Length: 439 m
Width: 7 m

Getting there:
From the underground “Poshtova Ploscha” about 500 meters walk along the Naberezhne highway to The Pedestrian bridge
From underground station “Dniepr” ride a tram or any transport in the direction of Podol and Postal Square

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