Kiev bridges – it is not only a vital necessity and economic benefits, but also masterpieces of ancient and modern architecture. In terms of development of Kyiv for the next 20 years 3 more bridges are planned to be built. One of them is the Podolsky bridge.

It will run from Podil through Trukhanov island up to Perov’s boulevard. It will help to solve some traffic problems in the city. For its construction about 5 bln UAH should be spent. Moreover, according to European standards any bridge requires 2.5% of regular investments from its nominal value, which almost nobody does.

The Track of Podolsky Bridge has been appearing in all the master plans of Kiev already for 40 years. Development of urban transport will be made in accordance with the view of construction of the bridge. The cost calculations on the bridge had also been done during the Soviets (100001987-1989), and the construction began in 1993 and was interrupted because of the lack of funding over several years. Work was resumed in December 2003.

An estimated length of the bridge is 7,5 km. In addition to the bridge the whole project includes three bridges across the harbour, bridges across Desenka and Dnieper, across Raduzhnyi Lake, flyovers in the Gorbachiha tract and Trukhanov Island, and 4 multi-level interchanges.

The bridge will have 6 lanes of cars (100003 in each direction). Traffic volume on the project is about 59,000 cars per day. Also, the bridge will host the underground line with three stations – “Zatoka Desenka”, “Trukhanov Island” and “Shipbuilding.”

The Podolsky bridge

The Podolsky bridge

The construction was supposed to be finished in 2008, but at the beginning of this year, all works were stopped and the deadlines are unknown. In May 2010, the funding for construction was renewed, and September must have been marked by the establishment a head arch over a bed of the Dnieper.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, will run from Podil through Trukhanov island up to Perov’s boulevard
The location of the bridge: across the harbour, the Dnieper and Desenka
Construction starting date: 1993
Opening Date: presumably in 2016
Length: 7.5 miles
Width: not specified