Just imagine the traditional Ukrainian house, so-called “khata”, in the picturesque village of ancient times. The clay-walled hut with a thatched roof was surrounded by a woven fence, the cherry and viburnum spread out their branches over it.

Not far from them there was a well and another fencing to put clay pots on. Just that very clay pots and products are one of the symbols of the Ukrainian life.

The History of Clay Products
The pottery and glassware have been used since ancient times. The age of first clay products which were found during the excavation is about 9000 years BC (the Neolithic epoch). At that ancient time lived the first people who used clay, sand and water for the production of household items – potters. The profession of potter has a divine origin as according to the legend God created man from clay.

Pottery has developed for more than one millennium and reached our times. During this time a number of tools that simplifies work have been invented. The most important are the potter’s wheel and kiln for the finished products. These tools greatly facilitate the potter because initially the pots were created by sculpting clay on a wooden plate and then all parts were put together. Also potters perfected the technique of decoration of finished products – primordially the paint was used, later the sculpting and drawing patterns in gold were applied. Why is pottery continued to be used even after invention of glass and iron items? It is very simple. Have you ever tasted food cooked in the clay pot? If not, then you have lost much. The food cooked in a clay pot is incredibly tasty, retains more vitamins and can be stored in an earthen vessel without a risk of harmful substances and micro particles of iron saturation. Also, products made of clay kill germs and keep the desired temperature for a long time.

Pottery on the Territory of Ukraine
The history of pottery in Ukraine descends from the Trypilska culture. From that time until the early 19 century the potter craft has developed, so by 1900 AD more than 600 centers of the ceramics production prospered in Ukraine. But with the advent of Soviet rule, pottery fell into decay and as a consequence 25 factories and 5 art pottery centers turned into two operating companies. Today the pottery is beginning to recover, though it has local significance. In spite of the Presidential Decree “On measures aimed at reviving the traditional art and folk art in Ukraine”, which obliges the country’s leadership to develop methods and strategies for the development of pottery in Ukraine, only skilled craftsmen and handicraft producers develop this trade. The most famous place where you can see and buy pottery in Kyiv is Andriyivsky Uzviz . It is here that masters exhibit their work and for a relatively small price you can buy exclusive pottery and clay figures. Also the masters can create the unique thing specially for you by drawing the desired pattern on the product just before your eyes. Today pottery attracts people from all over the world, this gives the impetus for the development of new schools of pottery. These schools have a noble mission to teach the art of pottery. If you want to learn how to make clay products, you should know some important aspects of pottery: – The potter searches for a clay by himself. Any clay fits, but black. Also, it is not recommend to use dry clay, which is on sale – it is not of a high quality.
-The potter-to-be must have creative thinking and instincts of the artist, in order to make a beautiful products. – Good physical fitness is also compulsory. It is not recommended to create pottery if you have diseases of respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and demages on the skin of hands.
– The potter should be in a good mood, when he works in order to create beautiful and lasting things.

Where one can learn the art of pottery?

Goncharnore izdelie

You can learn it in a special education institutions (Kyiv Institute of decorative art and design of M. Boychuk, Lviv Academy of Applied Arts) or taking lessons of an experienced potter. By the way, the pottery is not cheap today.
The price for a potter’s wheel is from 2500 uan, but to buy is not an easy task, so have two options: the first is to order it abroad, the second is to find a wizard who can make it on order. The expensive paints and raw materials are usually ordered in Donetsk region. If you have a desire to depose gold on products, the price will be higher.Today you can learn this craft in several places in Kyiv:

The private potteries
When surfing the Internet, you may find a few suggestions about studying pottery from the private master. These classes are conducted in groups of 3-5 people and individually. Tuition ranges from 200 to 450 uanper person /per month, or 35-34 uan per hour. The training is conducted at master’s territory, apprenticeship is specified individually.

Mamaeva Sloboda
A master-class of a skilled potter. These lessons are held daily in agreement with the master, the minimum group of 2 persons. Materials and instruments are issued on the spot. Also, when ordering a master-class, you are invited to tour Mamaeva Sloboda for 30 UAH.
Address: Str. Michael Donets, 2 (Otradnoye housing estate, Shulyavska subway station).
Tel: 044 379 20 39

School of pottery in Vydubytsky Monastery
It hosts classes three times a week – twice for adults, and Sunday for children. Education is free. Classes conducted by experienced craftsmen who gladly share their secrets of pottery. Here one can learn how to create pottery from scratch – from modeling and also how to decorate the items.
Groups are formed by 12 people.

Address: Str. Vydubytsky, 40. (Druzhby Narodiv subway station)
Cost: Free