In the XIX century the Dnieper the Nicholas Chain Bridge was constructed over the Dnieper. But in Kiev, there was still a significant water barrier – Rusanovsky duct.

The interesting thing about it is that that it has almost never been mentioned, although the descriptions of the Chain Bridge were set. It appears, that at that times duct looked not so picturesque as it is now. Over the channel the wooden bridges (100004 pieces) on stilts were built, to move freely to Nikolskaya Slobodka and Brovarske highway.

Later, in 1904-1906 years an engineer Belelyubski constructed the Rusanovsky metal two span bridge. He was the first in Russia who applied such a construction. The reason for its construction was frequent flooding of the Dnieper and in connection with the endless repairs of wooden bridges.

The bridge had initially two spans, was made of load-bearing structures in the form of two hinged metal arches in the Modern style and looked very impressive. The same team of specialists built two more bridges in St. Petersburg according to this model.

The bridge has a unique history. The mere fact is that that this bridge was named the Kissing Bridge for the first time, but not The Park one, as is commonly believed, already says a lot!

In 1908, the wood flooring of Rusanovsksi Bridge burnt. After repairs the motored tram to Darnitsa was launched. The scandal story (100001911) about an investigation, which proved the theft of money allocated for the construction of the bridge, is known.

The Rusanovsky Metro Bridge

During the Great Patriotic War the Rusanovsky bridge was destroyed. A pile of metal, that left from it, had miraculously got into the film “Sigmund Kolosovsky”, so in 1965 it wasn’t recovered, and a new Rusanovsky Metro Bridge (10000349.2 m), connecting the underground station “Levoberezhnaya” with “Hydro park” was erected. In 2007, the bridge was renovated by “Planeta-Most”.

Additional Information:
Address: Brovarsky Avenue (underground station “Levoberezhna”)
The location of the bridge: a Rusanovsky Strait
Construction starting date: 1956
Opening Date: November 5, 1965
Length: 349.2 m
52.3 m

Getting there:
From the center, through the underground “Hydro park”, along Brovarskiy avenue toward Brovary
From the underground“Levoberezhnaya” along Brovarskiy avenue towards the center

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