This is the highest bridge in Ukraine 135 meters! Its construction started in 1983 and on 25 of December, 1990 it was opened.

The Southern Bridge was the pride of the Soviet Union, was considered the most up-to-date and cost $ 200 million (at that time the incredible sum of money!).

With the help of the Southern Bridge Vidubichi (right bank), Capital Highway and Saperno-Slobids’ka street, and the main street of Poznyaki – Bazhana Ave were connected. Among all the bridges the Southern bridge of Kiev is the youngest and the most unique. Here, 6 lanes for cars combined on the same level with the subway line. Thus, a team of engineers was awarded with one of the most recent USSR State Prize not in vain.

The bridge has a box-solid support. Drilling towers and drop shafts serve as the foundation. Usage of a large assembly of elements in the construction of high-speed technology was into practice for the first time in the USSR, although the project of the Southern bridge in many ways was similar to the project of the Moscow bridge, which was built earlier. Projects have fundamental differences, because the Southern bridge is half as large again as the Moscow one.

Today, the bridge needs major repairs, in spite of partial attempts to upgrade the roadbed in 2002-2004. Capital environmentalists are trying to take measures in connection with the illegal extraction of sand by Kiev enterprises, as far as the pillars of the Southern Bridge are bare and have large cracks. The nearby island has already begun to sink.

The Southern bridge is like a silver harp in the hands of the celestial giant. Ropes, on which it rests, make sounds in the wind. One of the concrete walls of pylon’s guard keep four names of constructors scrawled on it.

The Southern bridge

A stunning vista of Kiev is opened from here – a quiet Dnieper river, high-rising buildings on the left bank, the domes of Lavra. And planes are flying above the towers of shining at night beautiful harp…

Additional Information:
The official name of the bridge: the Southern bridge
Address: Kiev, Promyslova street ( Slavutych underground station)
The location of the bridge: over the Dnieper
Construction starting date: 1983
Opening Date: December 25, 1990
Length: 1256 m
Width: 41m

Getting there:
From the underground Slavutych 550 meters to the Southern Bridge
Go along the avenue Bazhana through Slavutych underground in the direction of metro Vydubychi
From the underground Vydubychi down the Industrial street toward Darnitsa