It is called “Pencil” among people. It is not yet completed, but has been acting already for more than 10 years. It has 24 floors, the total area is 87,500 square meters. It is located in Melnikova Street, 42.

This is a unique cultural and political centre of Ukraine. It was planned to be built back in the 60’s, and the building itself began in 1983. The first turn completed in late 1992. Its conjectural location had to become a district of the theatre “Zoryanyi”. But it was chosen by party officials to accommodate in Kiev. And then a television station was given an area of 15 hectares near the regional hospital, located on the territory of the old Jewish cemetery.

The building telecentre hosts studio, a multilight hall, a concert hall (10000450 seats), more than 10 rooms for rehearsals, 4 cinemas to watch, 8 television studios, 17 video-hardware complexes. A basement is equipped with 4 air-conditioners rooms, a room of refrigerators, ventilation and technical facilities, pumping. During working hours there are almost 2,500 people. On the territory of telecentre even fire station number 36 operates, where 11 people of operational crew are on duty round the clock.

In addition to being impressed by the size of ground facilities, the telecentre has extensive underground infrastructure, including a “safe haven” for working in special conditions – a consequence of political paranoia of the Cold War.

The Telecenter

The Telecenter

In the late 90’s television center was reequipped with modern electronic equipment for $ 13, 5 million. At present, there are 3 TV channels – UT-1, “1+1” and TRK Era “.

Additional Information:
Address: Melnikova Street, 42
The observation deck: No

Getting there:
From the underground “Dorogozhichi” go along Melnikova Street toward the centre of Kiev.
From the centre go along Artema street, then on Melnikov Street in the direction of “Vynogradar” toward subway Dorogozhichi.
From Pobedy Avenue, near the underground station “Shulyavska” turn to Olena Teligi Street further to get to the Underground “Dorogozhichi “and turn right towards Lukyanovka.

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