The most unique museum in Kiev can rightly be called the State Museum of toys. The mere fact is that that its collection has been enriching for 70 years (!) And currently has 10 thousand exhibits.

The current generation of children can enjoy toys, loved by their grandparents. Toys are systemized in groups. One is technical, which is represented by machines, steam furnaces, excavators, planes.

Another group is the people’s toys. Here you can see straw bulls, clay rattles and wooden trolley. Many of the puppeteers are the exclusive, made during the Soviet time.

Visitors of a unique library are surprised by pen-and-play printing, colourful and joyful Ukrainian folk toys. Remarkable collection of toys is made in a retro style.

The museum has three permanent exhibitions. This is the history of toys, “Ukrainian folk toy” and original works that are unique.

Before the New Year Museum organizes an exhibition of old Christmas toys and Christmas decorations of different years and eras. There is even a toy, dating from the mid-nineteenth century.

The museum has 600 items of dolls. Among them are the very first celluloid Pupsiks, play dolls, depicting representatives of various professions, there is even a collection of unique cheese toys, about which few can know, and they are now popular in Western Ukraine. Visiting the museum, you will make a fantastic journey into your childhood.

Additional Information:
Address: Kiev, Klovskii descent, 8 (metro Klovskaya)
Phone: 044 253 5400
Hours: Tues-Fri – 10:00-19:00, Fri – 10:00-17:45, Sun-Mon – closed

Getting there:
From the Klovskaya subways pass along the street and further along the Klovskiy descent.

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