As soon as in 60th years of the last century scientists discovered that the human body receives in 10 times more oxygen through digestive apparatus than through the respiratory system, the oxygen therapy has began to develop in the Soviet Union.
Due to technical progress there is less and less oxygen in the atmosphere. The megapolis dwellers compensate the lack of it by visiting the oxy-bars, which are gradually becoming a part of our lives.

The scientiests have been racking their brains over the ways how to ensure the human body with an extra portion of oxygen for more than 150 years. The oxygen cocktail is the best way to enrich the organism. If you use it even occasionally, it will improve the metabolism process, immunity, sleep quality and increase efficiency. Furthermore, pure oxygen is good for everybody as it rejuvenates the body and improves the emotional tone.The “father” of the oxygen foam is a Russian scientist N. Sirotin.

The first consumers of pure oxygen was party and government leadership of the USSR and people from the Military Department. Soon oxygen foam was made mandatory for pregnant women, school children and athletes. Later, it became popular in all children’s institutions – from kindergarten to summer camp, sanatoriums and dispensaries. You bet! One portion of creamy foam gives the body as much oxygen as one and half hours walk in the coniferous forest! But as the technology of production and delivery of foam to consumers was very unsafe, cumbersome and inconvenient (add to this the red tape!), over time this trend has faded. Gradually the requirements for placement of cylinders strictened, and hydroxy-direction in our country went into decline. On the contrary, abroad the usage of pure oxygen was quit widespread. For example, in Japan, oxygen bars have been emerged since the 70-ies.

The oxygen therapy is for all comers, especially it is good for children of any age as a prophylactic measure, for people with seasonal (most common catarrhal) illness for quicker recovery, for people of mature age for rejuvenation in conjunction with diet and exercise, for people with cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, for people exposed to chronic stress, the megapolis dwellers.

It is believed that the oxygen foam of a new generation is able to substitute a 3-hours long forest walk.

Now, not only Japanese, but also Americans appreciated the benefits of oxygen bars. And now Kyivans have a wonderful opportunity to visit such places. In the bars the foam can be aromatized to your taste.

An oxygen cocktail is an air foam out of natural solution or fruit juice, which is enriched with oxygen. It is usually eaten with a spoon or drinken through a straw. Foaming component may be the root of licorice or gelatin infusion. Occasionally egg white. In medical institutions adding medicinal components.
The restaurants, bars and nightclubs offer oxygen cocktail, which can contain alcohol. The most delicious cocktails contain sweet wine. It is important to remember that oxygen will neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol to the body.

Oxygen helps to get rid of headaches, depression, can remove toxins, improves complexion, it is already considered a panacea for all ills.

Alexei Zaitsev, investor and commercial director of “Oxy Life” started the oxy-trend in Ukraine. Czech model of oxygen business was adapted to Ukrainian realities. Abroad oxygen foam is not popular, but our people got used to it and grew fond of it. Therefore, Mick Jokich, businessman of Serbian origin, offers a full range of oxygen services in his cafe – water, oxygen, cocktails and cosmetics.

A glass of cocktail in the oxy-bars of Kyiv costs about 5-7 UAN(10000200-500 ml). 1 UAN per one minute of aromatherapy.

Having observed Kyivans’ enthusiasm about the oxygen bars, Micah and his partner opened 10 bars this year and with the help of Professor Nicholay Chuhaev produced oxygen foam making machine.

It is not very popular to visit oxygen bars in Ukraine, because there are a few places that offer the oxygen cocktails. The phyto-cafe “Solyana Pechera” is one of the rare places where you can drink the oxygen cocktail.