Continuing the recent commencement of the theme of traditional Ukrainian sweets, in this article we would like to represent you first and second courses, as traditional Ukrainian ones or as it is used to call them “vintage” now, and dishes, which recipes has changed over time, but has not lost its authenticity. Once trying them you will want to return to Kiev again and again.

The first in our rating is taken borscht. Despite the controversy about the origin of borscht we tend to attribute it to traditional Ukrainian dish, although it is widespread in Russia and Belarus, Poland, Moldova, and even in Lithuania.

The main ingredients to cook the borscht are meat broth of pork, beef or chicken with an adding previously roasted or not onions, carrots, beets, fresh tomatoes or tomato paste. Also to add a potato and shredded cabbage. Borscht can be meatless, in this case a vegetable broth is used. The prepared dish sprinkled chopped parsley and dill and sour cream. Originally served with garlic pampushki (little flour wheaten buns from yeast dough drenched with a garlic sauce).

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vareniki-s-kartoshkojVareniki – one more delicious dish, favorite of generations our compatriots. Varenik is a circle of dough in its middle adds any filling and the edges are stick together in the form of a crescent. A dough for Vareniki could be thin if you boil them, and lush if steamed. Traditional vareniky with meat and potato usually served with frying onions or cracknel, and vareniki with fruit or cottage cheese stuffing with sour cream or honey. Today vareniky got “second life” and became very popular dish-so in Kiev were opened many places called “Varenichniye” were is a big choice of vareniki with different fillings. “Varenichniye” are pleased to offer you seasonal menus – vareniky with strawberry, blueberry, cherries in the summer, and with mushrooms – ceps in autamn. But regardless of the time of the year you can enjoy vareniky with meat potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese.

“Chicken – Kiev”

kotleta_po_kievski“Chicken – Kiev” is cooked of chicken meet and it filled with a tender butter inside – an amazing combination of crispy golden brown and juicy chicken. Traditionally the one hand of this oblong cutlet was a chiken bone with elegant white curlpaper. Today in many Kiev’s restaurants you can meet different variations of Chicken-Kiev: with bone and without, with filling of cheese and mushrooms with adding into butter a dill. We still recommend you to try those variations. There are many stories of chicken Kiev’s occurrence. One version is that the native region of the cutlet is France and this cutlet was named “De Voplai”. Soon after 1812 the cutlet was renamed to “Michailovskaya”, to their appearance gourmets obliged to Russian chef of the restaurant which was situated near Mikhailovsky Palace at that time.deryni_so_smetanoi As native cooks say the recipe was known in Ukraine in 1918, but was not appreciated. It has got a new life only in 1947. Americans assign authorship in development recipes Chicken-Kiev, as it was very popular among immigrants from former Soviet Union.

“Deruni”- also called draniki. Cooked of grated raw potatoes, grated onion with adding of some flour, eggs and salt. Fried in oil up to a golden crisp. Traditionally it served with sour cream or cracklings. There are some modern variations of deruni with different fillings such as meat, mushrooms, cheese, dill. Also to its dough can be added different vegetables such as carrots, celery in this case we call them vegetable fritters. Even it is different to its recipe but also interesting.

zrazi“Potatoes Zrazi” –
A dough for it cooked of mashed potatoes, flour, eggs, as a filling used boiled meet: beef, pork or chicken, also it might be chopped eggs with a dill and parsley, stewed or pickled cabbage or might be with out filling at all. Well cooked Zrazi have a golden crisp but and also soft inside.

And completes our top – “Kiev perepichka”, not because of exquisite taste or fine gastronomic features of this dish but more like as a fast food of the Soviet times, that by happy coincidence or the buyers demand able to stay afloat for more then dozen years.


perepichka“Kiev Perepichka” – its a public fast food with a many years history, situated strictly down town. What is it – “Kiev Perepichka”? This is a flavorful sausage roll, which is fried in the oil to a golden crisp, peculiar “Hot dog Kiev”.

For someone it became a tradition to buy it while walking or wondering in the Kreshchatik street, for someone it is a daily meal, and supporters of a healthy lifestyle wrinkle their noses disgust passing by.


This dish cooks in front of you and sells straight from the piping hot. Every day you can see long lines of people – students, foreigners, men in suits and even trendy ladies. As consumers claimed about to taste and quality “Kiev perepichka” on Kreschatyk wins in comparison with analogical production in other outlets of Kiev. By the way, all other points for the sale of sausage rolls have no any relationship to the LLC Kiev Perepichka”.

At present the head of the company LLC “Kievskaya Perepichka” is a businessman Igor Grishchenko, thanks to his efforts was able to save this island of Soviet catering.

Where to get: Real “Kiev perepichka can be bought at the crossroads of Boghdan Khmelnytsky st. and Khreschatyk st.

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