The time inevitably runs forward. And as sooner we aspire to the future, as more we want to deal with the past and to understand ourselves as an ethnic group and as the representatives of a unique nation, which have tried a lot to gain and conquer.

May be that our people were constantly threatened by enemies, was born the distinctive ethnic group that is proud of their native land, the Dniper, Carpathians and legendary melodiousness of their native language. In songs were sung a dedication to the land and the pride of it.

For our Ukrainian perception of the world is common to have predominance of emotions over reality, endless diligence and indomitable fighting spirit. As a confirmation to it, a year ago downtown not far from Kreshchatik street was opened Cossack area Mamayeva Sloboda named in honor of the Cossack Mamai.

We can’t call it a museum because you can touch everything, to enter to any building and test the strength of any furniture.



All buildings are modern but have been made according to old drawings. The most unique of them – is functioning church that built of wood without any nail. In general all buildings here made of wood, that’s why there is characteristic odor especially after hard rains – at the territory of 9,2 hectares of land there are 98 wooden constructions!


Панорама на церковь

Very accurately was reproduced Ukrainian village life style. Besides of the functioning church there are functioning smithy, pottery, the centurion estate, an apiary, a military office, water and windmill, an artificial pond were hobnob many carps. Cossack’s houses all over the territory that exactly correspond to the era of the past. You may try on a Cossack’s dress made of animal skin and learn riding a horse enrolling in a riding school. For a couple days you may stay in real Cossack’s housing if you have a special invitation.



Tourists wishing to get to this territory have to pay 20 grn. to enter. For people dressed at national traditional clothes is 50% discount. And it does not stop people to gather a crowd for a half an hour before closing. This center is opened only on weekends but here may be organized tours for school children as well, you just have to apply on time.

Organizers of “Mamayeva Sloboda” were waiting for its opening for 19 years. From a very beginning was supposed that masters and professionals will not only work here but also to live. Sloboda has its own site were are placed vacancies for weavers, blacksmiths and potters.



This park has got its name in honor of legendary Cossack Mamai. And Sloboda because of the name of settlements which were scattered all over Black path that where Tatars made their raids.

While preparing, organizers during 8 ears were planting oaks and viburnum, creating the atmosphere of Ukrainian village. Beside it there are a lot of fruit trees that create a special atmosphere. Here also are real cannons which are in perfect condition. A worker Sergey tells us that their constructions are based on old drawings. They looks old due to a special way of handling. As an evidence was made a cannon shot.



Coming down to small but very nice river you may see girls dressed at national Ukrainian clothes that cook a soup of carps and serve it with Vodka. One dish coasts 15 grn. – not bad price for today.

In the central square of the settlement is organized masters’ market. Also here is placed a stage, settled an equipment, singers are ready to start, the most active Oleg Skripka the main partner of the project.

Sloboda has is own guards thereby confirming their warlike spirit. Here are regularly organized fight-shows.
At the same time its organizer Konstantin Oleinik is able to communicate with guests and
press representatives.



Telling about purpose of creation a project he says about the need to get rid of understanding “sharovarshchina” and about the desire to return a former fame to Ukrainian Cossacks, doing it sharp and without any slogans and ostentatious patriotism.

“Mamayeva Sloboda” – is piece of national traditional coloring here in the Capital of Ukraine.

Additional information:

Address: Kiev, Mihaila Dontsa street, 2
tel: (044)-361-98-48, (093) 872-48-77- tours
Work hours: 10:00 – 24:00 without weekends, tours 10:00-18:00
Tickets price: 40 grn. Schoolers – 10 grn, pencioneries and students 10 grn.
On weekends the price does change.
Shooting -10 grn.

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