Unusual museum

Museum is opened at Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra, it’s exposition has a big quantity of mikrominiatures. The Organizer and ideological inspirer of this exhibition- well known all around the world with his masterly made mikrominiatures is Nickolay Syadristiy.

He proudly notes that his works are hand made only. The distinctive feature of his mikrominiatures is using a special individual technique of making.

The most popular Nickolay Syadristiy’s works are images of Yuriy Gagarin performed on the bone of the thorns, a string of camels in the needle’s ear, also hacked flea like that one which was forged by Levsha in the Lescov’s story.

There are no master in the world who could boast of violin such a size, as one made by Nickolay Syadristiy. He likes other musical instruments as well. What such a work of balalayka made in the poppy seed! Also the smallest miniature is a motor made by master. The most interesting thing that it is working. The signature which made by Ukrainian master is declared the smallest microminiature in the world. He left his signature at the end of a hair.

A master of these unique works of Art was born in Kharkov in 1937. Here he graduated the college of Art, then he was accepted to Kharcovskiy Agricultural Institute. After that Nickolay Syadristiy was directed to Transcarpathia (Western Ukraine) where he worked for seven years as agronomist until 1967. The next seven years till 1974 he worked as engineer in the Institute of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Above all of this there are a a lot achievements in sport in his Biography – he was the absolute champion of Ukraine in scuba diving.

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But his major life calling is creating the microminiatures, which he dedicated more then forty years of his life. By the way such a name the genre got owing to Nicolay Sydyastiy’s activity. He had visit many countries of the world with his works. Exhibitions of his work with permanent expositions are in Moscow polytechnic museum and in the museum of microminiature of Andorra.

Residents of Kyiv and guests have a lucky chance to estimate such master’s works as:

– The Portrait-bas of the famous ballerina Maya Plesetskaya, which Nikolay Syadristiy was able to place on a particle of cherry, which size is 3*4 mm;

– The smallest book which when ever existed – an illustrated 12-pages “Kobzar” with poems of a great poet. Pages of the book are sewn with spider’s web and cover is made of a petal of the flower “Immortal”. Size of the book is 0,6mm;

– The work ”Swallows” made in half of the poppy seed, swallows and chicks are made of gold.

The museum is open seven days a week

To get an information you can call: +38(044)280-81-37

Location: Ivana Mazepi street, 21 building 5