Nature, sun and relaxation near the water – what could be better. This holiday energizes, relaxes and allows having rest funny and actively. But what to do when the cold came and beach season is over?

Today the weather is no obstacle to relax near water; you can spend a day in the water park. To Aqua Park you can go with your family or a large group of friends – the more, the merrier.

Water Park is set in which all entertainment related to water sports are included. Pools, water slides, fountains, pools with the effect of sea waves, and much more, you can find in water parks around the world. In some modern water parks there is a special area for surfing and other kinds of sports.

The first water park appeared in the late 40-ies of the 20 century. “The top ranking” by number of water parks belongs to the United States, where there were over a thousand, because this business is one of the most cost-effective. Also in the U.S. there is a city of Mecca for fans of water parks – it is Wisconsin Dellz, where eighteen indoor water parks were built, the most famous of which: Spa Kalahari and the Ark of Noah.

In 2008 the European largest aqua park “Tiki-Tak was built, which is located on the territory of the Russian Federation in the city of Anapa. Its total volume is 6,000 cubic meters. Also it is planned to expand the water park due to construction of the Dolphinarium and the amusement park.

Today, water parks are located in virtually all resort areas, as well as they are built in large cities, where residents can spend joyfully their spare time or winter.

Or rather, in Kiev not one water park will be built. How «CultKiev» found out mayors of the capital have decided to erect a water entertainment complexes on the right and the left bank. Now residents of Obolonsky & Darnytsa districts can spend irresistible time in the water park, swim, walk down a steep hill, or just immerse themselves in a relaxing water.

Water Park on the left bank of Kiev is planned to be built in the area of Osokorki. AN Estimated location is the Dnieper embankment, 14, next to the church “Embassy of God” in the immediate vicinity of the Dnieper River.

It is planned that this will be a huge water park about 35 meters in height with 20 slides: 6 slides will be built for adults (including the tallest of 30 meters) and 14 slides for children or those who love the simple slopes. According to the authors of the project, a water park will consist of two parts: one under cover, the second – in the open air, while the second part will serve as a beach in the summer time.

It is assumed that the left-bank water park will be launched by 2012.

On the right bank a water park in the metro area Minsk and Heroes of Dnepr will be built. Now the work on the construction of the second part of the shopping centre «Dream Town», on the third floor of which will operate a water park is finishing.
Before the construction of recreational facilities in Kiev, we have the opportunity to attend a Brovarskyi Waterpark, which is located in the same town near Kiev. It is planned to open it in 2011, but many residents are worried if the shopping centre with a water park did not fall down, which is located directly above the underground tunnel. Authorities assure that the water park is completely safe due to the fact that a special pillow made of concrete for $ 10 million, which is able to keep the surface of even a skyscraper, was bought for it.

The Stylistics of a water park will be done on a novel by Arthur Conan Doyle’s The “Lost World”. There will be 15 cities, 5 swimming pools, dinosaurs, pirates, and even flying under the roof air bullets. Water Park will be hosting around the clock, and the prices will be split depending on the time of the day and the number of hours spent.

Another idea of urban planners is the erection of “Disneyland” in Hydro park.