Most of the people consider that beer is solely summer drink, but they are mistaken. Because the real gourmet drinks beer, not in order to quench his thirst, but in order to enjoy the taste of such a drink. If you want to do it right you should know what beer and from what glasses to drink of.

First you need to decide what’s best-kept beer. Beer from a keg is considered very real, because its true taste is protected of nickel-chrome plated stainless steel, which kegs are made of. This alloy is the best for keeping the beer because it adapts to the demands of intoxicating drink and also prolongs its shelf life.

For to become a real beer gourmet it is necessary to know the most important nuances and subtleties of the beer etiquette.

Most of beer producers bottle their beer by priority – the best one into kegs, then to specialized branded and glass bottles, and all the rest into plastic bottles and cans.

PETS – polyvinylpolypyrrolidone bottles, in other words plastic bottles, have taken root in CIS countries due good persistence, but at high temperatures beer deteriorates because of reaction with a plastic.

For instance, in Germany – which is considered to be the beer country, only 1/3 of beer is bottled into glass bottles, the rest into kegs. It cased of the fact that drinking beer of the bottle you are not able to feel the full flavor, because beer does not get to the all taste buds of the tongue. That’s why Germans buy beer in glass. Only by one simple reason – to come home and to drink it from a mug.

The worst container for the storage of beer is a can. Enamel that covers the inside of the can, gives the beer a specific metallic taste that can be found even by the people who drink alcohol not often. Besides, caned beer has a special stabilizers and preservatives.

As the best containers are the kegs, you should pay attention to the fact what it is necessary to drink this beer of, especially mugs. Mug has not to be of plastic or metal, only of natural materials – wood, ceramic, glass. The vessel for beer drinking also must be at least of half a liter and to narrowed to the top.

So turn to the point, when and what beer to drink. Traditionally considered that it is better to drink a lager beer in summer, and porter in winter. Also the lager beer needs to be drink in the afternoon before sunset, and porter – after.

Of course you are allowed to drink beer when and how you want, but you need to accept that fact that with lager there used light snacks, and with porter hot meals, meat, fish.

Well accentuate the taste of light beer a salty cheese, shrimp, nuts, crackers, and of course fish. Some exotic kinds of beer have a better taste without snacks.

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