Who is a parent? A parent is an always busy person who spends some free hours in the evenings and a little bit more time on weekends. That’s the way the contemporary children see their working parents. So, it turns out that today we are “walked over” by our children and not vise versa. So long as the work consumes a major part of the day, the parents do not have much time to think what to do with kids on weekends.

“CultKiev” offers some help and gives recommendations how the children and their parents can find an interesting and exiting occupation for themselves.

Before we proceed to the concrete list of interesting places to entertain children, we must say that first of all we took into account the age of kids.

As, you can’t but admit that it is senseless to bring a year-old baby to the theatre, it would be much better to take him/her to the zoo or….We will tell about it in detail below.

rebenok do 3 letIf your child is under 3 years, you should focus on simple entertainments that, nevertheless, bring some developing effect.
So, the first thing that comes to mind is a zoo. The zoo is an all-mode place for recreation. Here you can walk with the stroller for the whole day, if you wish. Your baby will definitely like to look at the birds bathing in a numerous ponds, at the bunnies and squirrels, and especially at the elephant. Do you remember your own childhood? For sure, you asked parents to go to the zoo again and again. One more reason for this choice is that the entrance is absolutely free for children under 5 years. The another place where you can “communicate” with animals is a dolphinarium “Nemo”. Even the 2-years old kids will enjoy the show with wonderful dolphins. The Both infants and adults are the target group of the entertainment center “Dyvosvit” as everyone will play and have fun like a child here. In the summer you can go to a children’s railway station.

Where to go:
The zoo
The dolphinarium “Nemo”

rebenok ot 3 letIf your child is older than 3 years, you can visit some more places of interest and development.

This is the age when children start to ask a million questions per minute, because they are interested in EVERYTHING. Why is the sky blue? Why do the stars shine at night? You can find the best illustration of the answers in the planetarium. One should begin from the easiest lection, that is specially for the children of pre-school age.

If the parents have never been in the planetarium before, they will also find the useful information. If you want your child to get accustomed with water, you should not miss the chance and go at once to Aquapark in Brovary. The parents and children will find something to their liking here. But if your dream is to teach the kid skating, then go to the one of skating rings. Usually, the skilled trainers work there, who can not only teach a child to feel confident on ice, but also to bring up a future Olympic champion. There are numerous sports groups, for example, sports class “Kryzhynka” in the capital. Since the child is 3 years old you can go to the Hippodrome to get acquainted with horses. The children will scream out of happiness, when riding a pony and when, on trainer’s permission, they can give something tasty to it.

From this age you can begin to teach the kid to enjoy true culture – go together to the puppet show. Tell your child a plot of fairytale and the performance would be one of the brightest experiences in life. The children and parents can also relax at the forest club “Partisan”. It is a place that offers both excellent cuisine and interesting entertainment.

Where to go:
Aquapark in Brovary
“The ice arena” Brovary
The ice stadium
The skate ring “Kryzhynka”
The sport complex “Atek”
The hippodrome
The Puppet Theatre (Gryshevskogo st, 1А – 1544)
The Puppet Show
The forest club “Partisan”.

rebenok ot 5 letAt this age children can go to the circus, as their mind is able to understand the action on the stage. You can organize the amazing and unforgettable celebration for the child and his/her friends at the so-called “Clowns’ home”, which is situated in the building of the circus. A 5-year old child can be taught a proper behavior in public places, so you can arrange a visit to the toys museum. Get a fascinating tour, the only minus is that the kid may like to take some of the toys to home. So be attentive!

Expanding the list of places you can go with children, we add the museums. The Water museum provides the fascinating tours, which will be informative to all family members. In summer you can take a ride on a children’s railway, the children always like that the driver is almost of the same age with them. Also at this period kids adore the swings and attractions – and that means that the family should visit the Euro-Luna Park.Together with skating lessons your child can take roller skating classes at the rollerdrome “Panther”, and to maintain the sporting spirit of the whole family, we recommend visiting Sports club “Factor”.
Where to go:
The Circus
“The Clowns’ House”
The Toys Museum
The Water Museum
The Children’s Railway
Euro-Luna Park
The rollerdrome “Panther”
Sports club “Factor”.

deti shoolThe modern parents are very concerned about the schoolchildren’s passion for computers. Go to the museum in order to distract the child from the laptop and at the same time to spend a day without a monitor by yourself. In Kyiv there are Paleontology, Zoological and Geological Museums. If you can’t chose to which museum to go on this weekend, go to the place, and then decide, because all three museums are located in one building. If you have a desire to spend the evening with a family, you can book a couple of theater tickets and go there after work. The Theatre for Young People (it is called “Teatr Yunogo Zritelya”) offers the interesting performances – fairy tales, short stories and works of famous writers. The children will fell in love with those shows and you will recollect your childhood. And a quit original idea for the active holidays of modern citizens is to skate, ride a roller, to go to a water park. You will have a lot of fun, just try it!. Another good idea –is to drive the cars in karting center “Need for Speed”. For example, you can arrange a competition – a loser will have to do all the house chores or to go for a walk with the dog every day.

Where to go:
Paleontology, Zoological and Geological Museums
The karting center “Need for Speed”
The Theatre for Young People
The Theatre for Children and Youth

Combine the pleasant and useful things – go and have a fun with your family!

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