The winner of the one of the prestigious international competitions Monde Selection again became a brand “White Bear”. The golden medal has been given to a sort “White Bear Light”, and the Big golden medal to “White Bear Strong”.

The members of competition were gathered on May, 31 and June, 1 in gorgeous Italian Venice.

In the competition Monde Selection “White Bear” participates since 2006 and always gets only most High Awards.

First in the history of beer production the Russian brand “White Bear” has got a prestigious award High International Quality Trophy, that awarded to brands the winning for three years running. And that is a very important argument for consumers when buying.

“White Bear” brand got into the market in 2001 and instantly became popular and favorite. It holds a stable high rating and is one of the thirty most sold Russian Brands (rating Top-50 Forbes magazine).

For brewing this beer are taken the best sorts of hops and malt, the most soft water for to give to a beverage velvety taste and exquisite aroma. The experts of the highest caliber watching after the quality of the product.

Brand developers took a chance to change a design, to change the positioning starting from April. Instead of sociable and cheerful bear we see a young man who appreciates every moment spent with his family and friends. The brand has got more dynamism, energy, inner strength and willingness to help others. It found the features that every self-respecting man should have. Namely this kind of guys pay homage to the optimal ratio of quality and a price.

Repeating its success in internationally recognized International Tasting Competition established in Belgium in 1961 the Russian Bear “White Bear” proves its high standards and quality.