Dear beer drinkers! We continue acquainting you with the variety of unusual and exotic beers. In articles at this site you have already read about dark and even green beer – now it is a time to read about white beer.

Exactly you have read correctly. There is a recipe in the world of making white beer. There is an evidence that confirms the existence of such a beer from the beginning of the 16th century. It was called white, because of the color.

Four hundred years ago this kind of beer was the lightest among other kinds that where produced at those times.

White beer is a light turbid unfiltered variety with light showers, which is an integral part of tasting.

For making this light hop drink were used barley malt and wheat as a basis. In order to give a pleasant aroma and taste to this beer were added special herbs and flavorful spices. Depending on the herbs alongside the sweetness beer has got various flavors. One of the most popular component was coriander or bitter orange peel.

Today in the tradition is added hops and applied a special brewing technology. The most suitable kind of hops considered Saaz. Other brewers add oats, which slightly reduces the beer sweetness and gives it its characteristic flavor. Also an oats makes the lather more lush.

If we talk about differences between white beer, it is made exclusively with the use of spices and herbs, and started hops not long time ago, and beer ends its aging directly in the bottle.

Another feature is in proper intake of the beer. Most of those who taste it at first live light showers in the bottom of the bottle or a glass. But you have to drink this beer with light showers that makes the taste of this beer really rich and unusual.
You may taste this beer of different brands. For instance most popular is Hoegaarden, but there are other producers that can offer white beer with more original taste. They are: Allagash White Ale, Blanch de Bruges., Hitachino Nest White Ale, Wieckse Witte, Boston Beer Works West End Wit, Sam Adams Summer Ale, Unibroue Blance De Chambly, Blue Moon White Ale, Manneken Pis Belgian White Ale, Victory Wirlwind Witbier Vuuve.

So, Try and appreciate the taste of the white beer!